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2023/08/16 - FIM Superbike World Championship 2023: «Königliches» long-standing partner

«Königliches» long-standing partner

Dominique Aegerter and the company based in his hometown have long enjoyed a successful partnership with shared values.

Kö is a company of Lanz-Anliker AG in Rohrbach. Located in the direct vicinity of Dominique Aegerter, the traditional business owned in family has been one of the most loyal companions of the successful motorcycle racer from the canton of Bern for many years. In addition to the logo of the parent company, Aegerter's outfit is also emblazoned with the «Königliches» lettering of the company, which specializes in the manufacture of bags and backpacks.
«Königliches» bags are sewn with love in Switzerland from the original Schwingerhosen fabric - made with the fabric that lasts. This is made possible by the cooperation with our partner. Lanz-Anliker AG has been dressing the real kings on the sawdust for 80 years. The production of these bags was inspired by the traditional Swiss swinging sport. In the last few years, that kind of wrestling has developed into a modern sport that combines tradition and progress and stands for fairness. In the same way, the products of «Königliches» combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. And above all: they are all fairly produced. But the company has not only been inspired by the swinging sport in its brand philosophy, but also in the selection of materials. Thus, the main component of the products is made of linen milk, which is called «the fabric that lasts». Because in this fabric the villains (as the swingers are called) are swung through the air. The idea was: if you can swing a person who easily weighs over 100 kilograms through the air with this fabric, then you can call it «the fabric that lasts» with a clear conscience. As a result, the idea was born that a fabric of such quality could be the ideal basis for fabric bags and backpacks. An additional enthusiasm was added by the fact that "the fabric that lasts" is a natural product. Whose raw material can also be grown in Switzerland. So it was clear: The fabric that lasts should be used to make the products of «Königliches».
The products, among which are also real collector's items, such as those in the «take a piece of Switzerland» line, are 100 percent made in Switzerland, and there is also a whole lot of Switzerland in them. Thanks to its partner SwissFlax GmbH, it has been possible to produce linen milk from Swiss linen. The linen, whose raw material is flax, is harvested in the Emmental. It is then processed into linen milk at various locations and made available at the company's headquarters in Rohrbach, so that high-quality and 100 percent fairly produced products can be manufactured.
(Managing Director)
"I am impressed by Dominique's perseverance and persistence over the past few years, even going through the deep end. As a fan and sponsor, I experience Dominique as a likeable, down-to-earth and fair sportsman. Therefore he is the ideal brand ambassador for Königliches. Both Dominique and Königliches stand for down-to-earth quality from Switzerland."