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2023/06/14 - FIM Superbike World Championship 2023: Goldschmitt GmbH new partner

Goldschmitt GmbH: A new partner in our racing familiy

Since his move to top-class Superbike World Championship, Goldschmitt Schweiz GmbH has also been one of an very active supporters of Dominique Aegerter's career.
Dominique Aegerter has been since long associated with the Safnern-based company. Managing directors André and Andrea Maurer-Mühlemann understand how to use the personal advantages and sporting successes of the down-to-earth motorcycle racer from the canton of Bern for their company’s philosophy.
Goldschmitt Schweiz GmbH, the main importer of Goldschmitt techmobil GmbH in Höpfingen (Germany) and responsible for the distribution of Goldschmitt products in Switzerland. Goldschmitt techmobil GmbH is a manufacturer of chassis technology, levelling systems and payload lifts for motorhomes and vans as well as ambulances, industrial and special vehicles. Goldschmitt’s innovative products provide better driving characteristics, more payload, better comfort and more safety. With a large number of certified partners, Goldschmitt offers a comprehensive service network in Germany and Europe. At Goldschmitt, it proudly stand for mutual appreciation and achieve the highest customer satisfaction through passionate service.
(Managing Directors)
"We share the values and goals with Dominique, because also at Goldschmitt driving dynamics and improvement of driving characteristics are the main topics. We have been following Dominique's career since 125cc class and accompany him as fans to various races. After two years of independent management of Goldschmitt Schweiz GmbH, we are now able to support Domi in a sponsorship. This makes us very happy, because we appreciate him as an ambitious and talented racer, as well as a grateful and kind-hearted person. We enjoy being in his company and have already taken him and the whole family very much to our hearts."